About Us

Racana is a fast growing and well-constructed platform in Hospital Management System. Racana not only store your data. We are here to facilitate in hospital management at the tip of your finger with absolute certainty.

Many hospitals, health care centers, scan centers and including laboratories are still revolve around the manual entries and ledger records. This approach has led to high cost in delivering healthcare service and also inefficiencies and inability to serve the quality treatment. The other major issues that all the hospital and health systems face are the work storage and the employees for maintaining it. In this, process the administration of health services contributes to a high degree both in terms of cost and inefficiencies. In such suituation it will lead to Medical errore, Resource waste, Over treatment or Under treatment.

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Why Racana

To tackle all these complex and issues Racana Hospital Management system is the phenomenal choice in the filed of Medical services.

  • Demise from preventable medical errors.
  • Can control organization-level issues in order to provide safe patient-centered care.
  • The communication of organizational-level issues that influence organizational health and compromise patient safety.
  • Organizational-level factors such as communication, environmnet, human factors, interdisciplinary collaboration, medical report analysis, categorizing the patients according to their illness, monitoring the medical statistics and that influence patient safety.
  • Globally, medical errors are one of the leading causes of death.
  • In India according to a Harvard study, 5.2 million medical errors occured annually and it is the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer.
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As medical errors are primarily a result of human mistakes, it is possible to leverage the right technology like our Racana Hospital Management System to overcome the challenges.

Mission and Vision

Racana Hospital Management system is at the forefront of innovating the latest technology solutions in healthcare, from patient identification to mobile healthcare and real-time intelligence in governing all the hospitals from a small clinic to a huge multi-speciality hospitals and including pharmacies, laboratories, scan centers, etc. The Racana Hospital Management System empower the frontline staff with a performence edge to deliver the best patient care, thereby ensuring that the right patient receives the right care at the right time. And it can be monitored by every minute.

Globally, the healthcare industry is a fast-growing sector and we have witnessed the exponential adoption of technology by many hospitals and clinics all over India.

The ultimate power 

  • Enriching staff communications - According to the Joint Commission, 70% of medical errors are attributable to communication breakdowns.
  • By integrating clinical mobility throughout their organizations, hospitals will improve staff communication, make real-time access to medical records possible and ensure faster availability of lab results and other medical reports.
  • Using Racana hospital management system application in mobile and respective wards of the hospital eneble nurses and doctors to spend more time at the patient's bedside. This improved communication and collaboration as the primary benefit of clinical mobility for patient care.
  • Elevating patient care - According to the Hospital Vision study, 72% of respondents cite improved quality of patient care as a direct result of clinical mobility. Additionally, 61% of hospitals surveyed reported a reduction in mediciation administration errors and 52% cited decreased specimen collection labelling errors, positively affecting patient care. And undoubtedly our Racana hospital management system is one in that.
  • Rising personalization of healthcare - The digital hospital of future will not only be more efficient, but also deliver better care, become more affordable and more deeply engage patients in their treatment and recovery. Most respondents expect and analytics technology to improve the quality of healthcare globally.

Using Racana Hospital Management System application in mobiles and respective wards of the hospital enable nurses and doctors to spend more time at the patient's bedside. This improved communication and collaboration as the primary benefit of clinical mobility for patient care.

Patient Welfare

  • Patient identity management - enables precision when matching patient records, medication, specimens and more;
  • Mobile health for collaborative care - designed to enable provider collaboration, simplify workflows and capture and access patient information anywhere;
  • Real-time locating systems and business intelligence for healthcare helps to identify, track, locate and monitor the condition of patients, assets and staff.

The Prodigious
Power of Racana

  • The hospital can provide highly efficient treatment with limited cost and limited man power.
  • The payments are highly secured and easily maintainable. All the transaction details are only accessible by the management.
  • The patient records such as admission, vacancy of beds, possibilities of discharging patients, hospital employee's attendances from Hospital dean to ward boy, amount of medicines available in the pharmacy. Racana works in all aspects of the perfect management.
  • The dashboard will give you the entire static report with an absolute accuracy of the entire Hospital
  • You can also verify even the prescription of your doctors and all these records can be stored with an unlimited storage capacity.
  • Patient appoinments can also be verified and curated using our Racana.
  • The zoom call facilities are also given for you to contact your doctors, Human Resource Departments, Patients and also you can monitor or guide the major operations.
  • The death report and the post mortem and the mortuary counts can be connected with seperate departments and you can easily maintain it with other departments like police.

You can also monitor an ICU patient 24/7 using our Racana Hospitam Management System.